Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cheetah Print

"It's not that big? Are you kidding? It's a monster." I said, turning around to emphasize what I was complaining about, namely my mom's big butt.

"You're exaggerating, it's just a little extra... cushion." My sister said, trying to make me feel better.

"Well it feels like an entire couch. I don't understand why mom had to do this to me."

"It was an accident, remember? She didn't know that stone was magic or whatever. If you weren't being a smart ass at the time of the wish you'd still have your own body."

"So when she asked if her butt looked big, I should have lied?"

"YES, IDIOT." My sister chided me. "Don't tell a woman her butt is big, even if it is."

"Ah, so you admit it! It's huge isn't it?" I said, reaching to run my hand along the curv of my right cheek.

"Yes, DUH it's big, it's huge! But those cheetah print leggings make it look bigger than it is. Why're you wearing those anyway, don't they kind of scream 'MILF'."

"*sigh* Because all of her jeans are so tight and uncomfortable and

Monday, July 24, 2017

Not God

"What happened? Where am I?? Oh! My voice..." I said, startled to find myself in some pure white, featureless environment. More startling was my voice. Female and somehow familiar.

"Relax Father Brian, as ironic as that moniker may be right now." Said a deep, disembodied

Monday, July 17, 2017

One Minute

A half an hour to make it 50 miles to the witch's house. Jennifer and John sped through traffic as fast as they could. It was 2:30, and if they didn't make it by 3 they'd be stuck this way forever.

"Directions please??" Jennifer asked impatiently from her Dad's body as she drove as fast as she could without endangering her and her brother.

"Hold on I'm still typing it in! These nails are impossible to

Get My Aunt a Date

The skin tight pink nighty clung to every one of my new curves as I angrily marched into my mothers bedroom.

Laying in bed reading a book, she looked up and saw me with my hands on my hips, scowling.

"Ooh la la, I see you're taking this thing seriously." She said, putting her


Declan refused to wear a bra after being saddled with his mother's body for the summer. In his mind, it was bad enough he had to deal with having boobs, he knew wearing a bra would only serve to remind him, much more than the jiggling would.

But after being caught in a rainstorm, finding his white tank top now soaked and translucent, Declan understood what bras could be good for. He'd been soaked since he left work, which meant he'd given everyone on the subway a view of his clearly visible nipples. If the goal was to ignore his newfound chestiness, perhaps a bra would actually do more to help than hurt. 

Have to Move

 I accidently dropped an ancient fertility idol, and it smashed into a million pieces. Big mistake. Besides being a priceless artifact, the idol had a curse placed on it. If destroyed, the one who destroyed it would become the feminine object of

Friday, July 14, 2017


I was already feeling self conscious as I walked onto the patio, my debut in mom's swimsuit, when my sister had to make it worse.

"I don't know if it's from being in dad's body or what, but I never noticed how nice your tits are."

"Wow, thanks, but they're not mine, they're