Saturday, September 30, 2017

Pool Party

"This is quite a shindig, Mark." John said walking through his friends annual pool party.
"Thanks, but just thankful that anybody came. I mean, its only been three months since the genderwave and i just didnt think people would be ready."
"I'll be honest, Im not sure if I was. Thats why I didnt bring my suit. I know its my body now but Im not ready to flaunt it like that." John said, unconciously casting a glance at his friends impressive clevage. Mark noticed this and grimaced.
"Trust me, I wouldnt be flaunting it if I had a choice." Mark said.
"What do you mean? You look amazing!"
"Trust me, I know. I'm basically a trophy wife now. Everyone stares at my tits and Greg-" Mark bit his tongue. "I mean Sarah doesnt let me wear anything that doesnt showcase my chest. She wont allow me to use our old names. I have to go by Julliet now." Mark vented, maintining a resigned smile.

"Wow... I dont know what to say. Does he hurt you?" A flumoxed John asked.

"Not if I keep him happy. Well I hope you enjoy yourself, help yourself to a drink. I have to go be a good hostess." Mark sighed. "Oh, and from now on, make sure you call me Julliet. I dont want to risk him fucking my ass as rough as he did last time." He said chuckling awkwardly, leaving a very concerned John wondering how he could help his friend.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Girl Me Up

I loved being a dude, I really did. It was comfortable and familiar, and I was good at it. Girls, cars, sports, you name it and I was there. I felt like a real man.
And now, after second puberty turned me into anything but, I dont know how I feel. In my heart I know I'm not a girl, but with a pair of boobs and a vagina what else could I be? I buy tampons for myself, and use the womens room at school.
I felt self concious, like everyone was amused that the formerly macho guy had been reduced to the short chesty girl I now was. I had withdawn myself from any social life. I spent most of my time at home, where I didnt have to wear my bra, and I didnt feel eyes on me constantly.
My sister had taken pity on me I suppose and invited me to hang out and drink with them while our parents were gone. I didnt want to at first but they pushed and finally I agreed to a drink, then another... And another.
Before second puberty I could knock them back, but now three shots turned me into a giggling idiot. That fact would have bothered me, if i wasnt already drunk.
And then, amazingly, I was having fun. For the first time since I joined the fairer sex I was actually having fun. Thats how they convinced me to let them "Girl me up"
Other than a bra and the plainest of panties, I didnt wear anything remotely feminine. I couldnt bare to. But after a few drinks the idea sounded like a fun time.
So i let them dress me up and do my hair and before I knew it I looked like any other girl. I was admiring myself in the mirror when my sister's friend started filming.
"Tell Instagram what you think of your new look!" She said drunkenly.
I felt bashful. "I look... Cute."
Then I felt a pair of arms reach around me and grasp my boobs.
"Cute?? With boobs like these my bro is a hotty!"
I could only blush and giggle at the incredibly unique sensation of having my breasts played with like that. We spent the rest of the night a couple sloppy drunk teenage girls, and from what I could remember, I loved it.
But the hangover the next morning? Didnt love that. An icepick in my head, marks from my bra which i slepted in branded on my shoulders and torsos and... Omg, I was wearing a thong. How did I let them put me in a thong?
But a moment later my underwear was the least of my worries. I soon discovered that the video my sisters friend had took had gone viral in our school. Comments ranged from "Look at the drunk slut bounce" to "you go girl shake whay second puberty gave you!"
I wanted to die, I was so humiliated. My plan then was to burn my boulder holder and the butt floss, take some asprin, and hide in my room for the rest if my life.

Being a girl sucks.

Monday, September 18, 2017


That white girl prancing around on stage, pretending to rap and shaking her fat ass around for a litany
of tasteless fans? Right, Iggy Azalea. I'm familiar with her, and I like many others had a distaste for her. As far as I was concerned she was a an unoriginal hack who's only talent was having a big butt. I was a music journalist and I did not shy away from making my opinion known.
"How can anyone like someone with so little talent?" I wrote.

Well apparently people do like her, one fan in particular, and that fan had a lot of power and did something I never thought possible.

For the last 6 months, that white girl prancing around on stage, pretending to rap and shaking her fat ass around for a litney of fans? That's me, Iggy. Well, that's not my actual name but it's

Sunday, September 17, 2017

World's Best Mommy

"Do you like your present mommy? I picked it out myself!" My little sister squealed as I re-entered the kitchen sporting my new shirt.

"I love it sweetheart thank you!" I assured her through my well practiced grin, using my recently crafted "mommy voice". In truth I hated the shirt, it was far too tight to begin with, though that's mainly due to the size of my rack. I don't like the idea of being the "World's best mommy" because I'm not really a mommy at all.

Three months ago my mother switched our bodies. She was very clear what was going to happen. I had to live her life entirely, and I had to not only endure it, I had to excel at it. I had to be more my mom than my mom was, meanwhile

Friday, September 1, 2017


The only silver lining I could find as I undressed my mom's body in the women's locker room was that it was empty, except for my sister. It had been four weeks since the end of school. Four weeks since I'd failed two classes. Four weeks since I threw that party while my folks were away.

Four weeks since my mom found out. Four weeks since she switched our bodies to punish me.

And even after four weeks, I still feel a burn of humiliation whenever I get dressed, or undressed, or shower, or use the bathroom, or speak in her

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cheetah Print

"It's not that big? Are you kidding? It's a monster." I said, turning around to emphasize what I was complaining about, namely my mom's big butt.

"You're exaggerating, it's just a little extra... cushion." My sister said, trying to make me feel better.

"Well it feels like an entire couch. I don't understand why mom had to do this to me."

"It was an accident, remember? She didn't know that stone was magic or whatever. If you weren't being a smart ass at the time of the wish you'd still have your own body."

"So when she asked if her butt looked big, I should have lied?"

"YES, IDIOT." My sister chided me. "Don't tell a woman her butt is big, even if it is."

"Ah, so you admit it! It's huge isn't it?" I said, reaching to run my hand along the curv of my right cheek.

"Yes, DUH it's big, it's huge! But those cheetah print leggings make it look bigger than it is. Why're you wearing those anyway, don't they kind of scream 'MILF'."

"*sigh* Because all of her jeans are so tight and uncomfortable and

Monday, July 24, 2017

Not God

"What happened? Where am I?? Oh! My voice..." I said, startled to find myself in some pure white, featureless environment. More startling was my voice. Female and somehow familiar.

"Relax Father Brian, as ironic as that moniker may be right now." Said a deep, disembodied