Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Martin sighed after examining what was to be his body for the rest if his life. He'd seen it his whole life, it was his mom's body afterall, but he'd never seen it from this perspective. But if his sister was right and the effects of the swap game were permenent, he would have no choice but to get used to it.

His sister Jessica had tricked the family into playing it, nobody knowing the magic the deck of cards held in them. By the time the first swap occured, and they realized that we could not leave the game until it was finished, the family knew they were in trouble.

It was immediately obvious that Jeasica knew how to play and had a goal in mind. The entire family swapped bodies and mental traits almost randomly until the last round when Jessica played her final hand and cemented the changes.

Jessica, in her fathers body looked at the family and smiled.
"Told you your old man would kick your butts." She said to her father and mother, who now had the bodies of their son and daughter respectively.

The two teens rolled their eyes and go up from the table.

"Cool, Dad, that was super fun." The teenage boy said, before they both took out their phones and turned to leave.

Martin, in the body of his middle aged mother, watched all of this happen with great confusion.

"Where are you going?!" He shouted to his parents. "We need to play again to fix this!"

"Maybe another time mom." Jessica's body said dismissively.

"Don't call me that, you know Im your mother!" Martin barked back. "Your mother." He said, trying to correct himself. "Wait, no! Jessica, Martin, I'm Susie, I'm your mother!" Martin cried, almost in a panic, especially when it was clear they had no idea what he was talking about.

"Frank, what did you do to us??" He cried to his sister in his father's body. At this point the former parents looked confused and disturbed, so Jessica stepped in.

"You hit the wine pretty hard Suz, what do you say we lay down." Jessica insisted, taking Martin's arm. "Don't make a scene twerp." She added loud enough for only Martin to hear.

In the bedroom, Martin surveyed his new form. His eyes noted the differenced. Boobs. Hips. Hair. Tits. Crotch. Tits. Hips. Face. Eyes. Ass. Hips. Chest. It was strange and remarkably uncomfortable to him, to say the least.

"And so the only reason you still remember is because you did slightly better Mom and Dad. But not so good that you can do anything about it. Sorry Martin, but you're Mom now."

"Don't call me that. My name is Susie." Martin vainly tried once more, eliciting a chuckle from Jessica.

"I don't even know why you keep trying. But okay, I'll call you Susie. And I'm Frank, your husband."

"Please don't do this. Frank, please." Martin begged.

"Okay, tell ya what. I'm going to enjoy this for a while. And I mean, it could be some time. I'd suggest you do the same. Of course, I didn't enjoy being a woman very much, which is how we got here. Plus you have the disadvantage of having to be your own mother, but... Hey, maybe you'll find something you like."

"So that's it? You're not going to change me back?"

"Not intentionally, but after a while I think I want to try your old body. Ha-, I mean your old boy body, not your old woman body haha. At that point we'll need to play another card game, you can try to beat me then and put things back to normal, but I highly doubt that will happen. Probably what will happen is you'll lose worse, be wind up in my old body, and be nonethewiser."

I glared at her, and I could tell by her smug face that she saw me as zero threat.

"I don't know how, but I'll beat you."

"Sure hon, but until then you're mother dearest and I'm man of the house. Oh, and if you get an attitude with me I can be sure to lose these magic cards down a storm drain, capiche? Now give your hubby a kiss."

Martin had little choice but to walk slowly over to engage in a battle of tongues with his tormentor.

"Now I think you have some housework to do, or whatever you women do." She laughed, swatting Martin on his wide rear as he exited the room.

Overbearing Father

"Where the hell do you think you're going young lady?" I heard that loud male voice call as I prepared to leave the house. Spooked, I quickly turned around to see my mother, now my father, scowling at me.

When the genderwave hit, everyone struggled to accept the new reality they'd been thrust into. I certainly didn't have an easy time suddenly faced with being a girl from now on, but my mother... She didnt cope well. After a week of denial and wearing  my father's new (to us) dresses and underwear, she broke down and didn't come out for a week. When she did, she was dressed in the clothes that came with her very male body.

She refused to answer to anything except for "Dad" or her post-wave name, Fred. She wouldn't acknowledge anything about her life before the wave. It was disconcerting, but the worst part was that she required the rest of the family to do the same.None of us are allowed to ever bring up the Genderwave or our new lives, it's like our, ugh, DAD doesn't even remember our old lives. When we do mention it, he gets pissed off. More than he ever used to, when he was my mom. Now he throws things and yells. Honestly, we're all afraid of him.

Since he can't transition gracefully into our new sexes, all of us have to pretend nothing changed. So now I'm Staci, with an I, they treat me totally differently. I'm their "Baby girl" and I have a curfew. Neither of us siblings had a curfew before the wave, and my sister (now brother) still doesn't! It's also difficult dressing feminine enough for my father's likings but not so much that he'll complain that I'm "Dressing like a tramp". So as I leave the house and he hollars at me, I'm genuinely shocked. I chose not to wear a bra because last week, he thought I was being "too sexual", and now that I'm not, he's saying I'm being too boyish.

I fucking am a boy. Well, I'm not anymore, but I think the tits and vagina can clue me in enough to that.

And I get the brunt of his shit ever since my mother fled, unable to cope with her new life as subservient life, and my brother turned 18 and left. I on the other hand get to be Staci and call that oaf "Daddy" (his rule) for another two years. Two years of cheer squad, babysitting, makeup for birthday and christmas gifts- all mandates of my father.

But in the end, what can I do? Live by his rules and not make him angry.

"Sorry daddy, you're right." I complied. I excused myself. Guess I'll put on a bry and try again. Maybe a sportsbra.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Very Large

Hi, I'm Ethan. I'd describe myself as a lot of things, a comic book nerd, college freshman, dog lover, and I just went through second puberty. How do I identify now? I don't know. I feel like the same person I always was, and that person was a guy. But it's hard to call yourself a guy when you've got a body like mine. But i dont feel like a woman either, unless this is what being a woman feels like. Honestly I've been avoiding thinking to deeply into it, and I've just been trying to cope with this massive change with a positive attitude.

I'm back at my apartment after three weeks at my parents house undergoing the end of my changes. I'm definitely still getting used to a lot. I had no idea I'd be this curvy, and I quickly found I could no longer walk properly without swaying my hips. My folks told me it looks the same but I feel like Jessica Rabbit strutting around. Plus I can feel my butt bounce with each step. Of course, I live with constant bouncing from several parts of my body now and it's starting to become just a part of life. My new life.

On top of that, I'm about to see my roommates for the first time since my fonal changes. Last time they saw me I was a bit androgyneous, but nothing like I am now. I just don't want them to treat me differently or think I've gone "full girl".

But could I blame them if they did? Even if they get that I didnt choose these curves or my squeaky voice, which is so annoying to me, look at what I'm wearing! My... Breasts are spilling out and my shirt is stretched to its limits, and this skirt is practically painted on! But this was all I had to wear today. My mom had bought me a new wardrobe (and rudely donated all of my old clothes) before my changes were over. My the time my curves had finished filling out, this was all that was viable. I probably wouldnt even be wearing a bra if this tshirt wasnt practically see through. And, I'm not wearing a thong but you wouldnt know it by the way they ride up my massive rear. God, sometimes I really do feel like a woman.

My roommates, Joey and Tenner eventually arived amd as soon as I heard the door open I knew it was the moment of truth. I straightened my skirt and fixed my hair and watched them come through the door, confusion marking their faced.

"Hey guys..." I said shyly. It took them a few minutes but eventually they realized it was me, Ethan. Unsurprisingly, they were astounded by how I looked now, and it was definitely awkward at first. But it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. I think my good attitude helped, because after an hour we were all shooting the shit like we always did. But that was after a lot of awkward questions " have you felt your own boobs?" "What's having a vag like?" I answered their questions but didnt hide my annoyance. I finally had to set them straight. 

"Guys I know this is really weird for everyone, and I get the curiosity. But can we PLEASE not talk about the fact that..." I hesitated... "That I'm a girl now?"

They were understanding and immediately avoided the subject. There was some tension at first, but it soon faded. It was actually relieving that things could be normal again, until Tenner suggested we go to the movies to see the new Star Wars. My mood shifted when I realized I couldnt.

"Why not dude? Girl brain more into rom coms now? Tenner asked, not realizing how unfunny his joke was. I nearly hit him right there, but I doubt i would have been able to hurt him anyway with my thing arms and tiny hands. Instead I took a breath and tried ti be patient. I hesitated because the reason I couldnt was embarrasing.

I said, feeling more self concious of it than I ever had.

"Ha, yeah, I've noticed. And?"

I bit my tongue. "And the seats at the theater are quite small..." I said.

"Oh, right. Sorry man I didnt think about that."

"Its alright." I said. But inside i felt thrown off. It reminded me of yet another thing second puberty had taken away from me, and that my life would never be the same again. Ive never had to watch my weight before, but i think my first order of business as a woman may be to work off this booty.

Monday, November 27, 2017


Part 1 (hopefully)

I just got to the club where the company I interned for were entertaining potential investors. The internship as demanding, and paid next to nothing, but it was a foot in the door and a requirement for graduation anyway, so I lived with it.

"Ah, Trevor, perfect." My supervisor, Debra greeted me when I arrived.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Little Visits

"I must say, I'm really starting to enjoy your little visits." I heard my friend Randy say as I was redressed following another of our romps in bed.

"I'm glad you like it, but don't get any ideas. You're just helping me scratch an itch."

"Whatever you

Friday, November 24, 2017


"Did you guys feel an earthquake?" Some college bro joked to his friends as I passed them at the pool. They thought I didn't hear them but I did, and it hurt. I glared at them over my

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Jack sat on the toilet, a position he found himself in much more often since the genderwave had turned him permanently into a girl. He sighed as he gazed at the crotch of his underwear. He had never done this before but the instructions he read were simple enough.

He was about to get his first period,